A Guide to Purchasing Small Kitchen Appliances

There is a plethora of small kitchen appliances out there but do you really need them all? You’ve probably been in the position where you felt like you absolutely needed a particular kitchen appliance only to discover after buying it that you never even used it. Avoid impulse buys when you shop for small kitchen appliances and think about food items that you cook, make or buy often when deciding on a purchase.
Sometimes people buy small kitchen appliances just because they think they should use it to be healthier or more creative. For example, someone may purchase a juicer just because they think it is healthy and good to drink juice every day. However, they may not even like juice or feel too lazy to make it every day and realize after buying the juicer that they wasted their money because the juicer just sits there with its small kitchen appliance cover on all the time collecting dust.

Essential Small Kitchen Appliances

There are a few small kitchen appliances that are absolutely essential in most households. Usually these include a toaster, coffee maker, microwave, and blender. Blenders can be used to make delicious milkshakes and drinks and they can also be used to process foods. For example, you can use a blender to make hummus or pesto if it is of good quality. You may also find that a blender can replace a juicer in most cases.

If you drink coffee, a coffee maker is a must-have small kitchen appliance. You can choose from espresso machines, drip coffee machines, or combination machines. Drip coffee machines are the most convenient and easy to use. Toasters are essential in order to make toast for breakfast or a sandwich. A toaster oven can also be useful if you want to bake small pizzas or individual serving sizes of lasagna or gratin.

Microwaves are popular small kitchen appliances that people use to heat up their food. Some people are wary of microwaves because there are rumors that they are dangerous and rob food of its nutrients. Microwaves can be very convenient but you may be able to heat up your food over the stove or in a toaster oven as well. It really boils down to personal choice.

Other small kitchen appliances that you may want or need are sandwich makers, pressure cookers, crock pots, bread makers, juicers, food processers, indoor grills, coffee grinders, and mixers. Which appliances you need will really depend on how often you make a certain food item. If you love fresh bread and you find yourself making it often, you may do well with a bread maker for example. However, if you only love the idea of baking bread, you will probably never use a bread maker if you buy one.

Make no mistake about it. Small kitchen appliances can be very convenient but in order to get your money’s worth, you need to purchase appliances that you know you will use. Don’t buy an appliance just because you think it would be nice to have. Think about the food items that you love and that you always make and buy appliances that will help you make those food items more often and more easily.